The Original 4-Man Team

Four Players - Pitcher, Catcher, First Baseman, Shortstop

The year was 1946 when the King & His Court started what would become a 65 year journey to become America’s #1 Softball entertainment.

Through the years the King & His Court have encompassed some of the best athletes and players to bless the sport, but it all started with 4. The King of Softball; Pitcher, Eddie Feigner. Catcher, Meade Kinzer. Shortstop, Mike Meilicke. First baseman, Ken White.


Feigner, Eddie "The King"

(Tour and KHC Founder: 1946-2006)
What was to one day become The King And His Court all began in 1946 when Eddie Feigner, an energetic strong-armed young man who had excelled as a softball pitcher before the war and in the Marines, was home again buzzing Read More...


Kinzer, Meade

(Tour: 1946-1958)
Meade was the original catcher for the King and his Court, having caught for Eddie from grade school on. He was a full power hitter and could have caught for Eddie from a rocking chair. Meade spent his final years in College Place, Washington.


Meilicke, Mike

(Tour: 1946-1958 & 1960-1961)
Mike, according to Eddie, was the Ted Williams of softball. He hit 86 homers in the 1953, 1954 season against the greatest pitcher softball could produce at the height of its popularity.


White, Ken

(Tour: 1946-1951)
Ken was the Court's original first baseman, and truly a great power hitter. He once hit a ball down the third base line so hard that when the 3rd baseman tried to catch the ball in front of him, his hat went flying and both shoes were knocked off his feet. Ken now lives in Longview, WA.

King & His Court Players

The King & His Court Players

For over 65 years The King & His Court have introduced the talents of some of the best softball players in history. The following players have played a historical part of helping The King & His Court gain worldwide fame.


Anderson, Doug

(Tour: 1971-1973)
An ex-Dodger and Red Sox, pitcher, Doug first met Eddie on a golf course. Doug could drive a golf ball 350 yards. Eddie Read More...


Anderson, Wes

(Tour: 2001)
Wes joined the court as a part time player in 2001 and has toured with the team playing shortstop, first base and catcher. Read More...


Aucoin, Eddie

(Tour: 1998-2000)
Senior baseball at Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL. All-Star infielder and hitter. Resigned from the Court to continue his college education.


Bailey, Mark

(Tour: 1965-1969)
Mark has punted a football over 80 yards and was invited to play for the New York Yankees baseball club. Marks great arm Read More...


Barber. Les

(Tour: 1975-1977 & 1981-1982)
Les was a hand-picked catcher from the pro-leagues of Western Canada.


Barnett, Dave

(Tour: 1981-1984, 1988)
Dave played centerfield for the University of North


Bateman, John

(Tour: 1977-1980)
John hit 190 home runs for The Court in 1980. Read More...


Berger, Floyd

(Tour: 1967-1968 & 1971-1977 & 1986) Floyd is one of five left-handers who Read More...


Booth, Dave

(Tour: 1986, 1991-1997, 2005-2007)
Body builder and natural athlete. He could be a stunt man and actor for TV films. He is a painting contractor in Middletown, PA.


Branchaud, Mike

(Tour: 1994-1997, 2007-2010)
Fire balling MVP Pitcher from Ontario, Canada. We call him Mike Daly on the golf course. He can hit the long drive with the best of them.


Cooper, Ron

(Tour: 1958-1959)
Ron hit the most home runs for the White Sox farm team in the minors. He gave up the majors to join the Court and went on to Read More...


Davenport, Ron

Ron was drafted out of high school by the Toronto Blue Jays. His 10 year baseball career included 7 years with the Blue Jays, 1 year with the Brewers Read More...


Dobbins, Charlie

(Tour: 1997- 2011)
Charlie's career spanned over 40 years as a men's major fastpitch player. Charlie started with the Court booking games throughout the country and filling in as needed as a player. Charlie Read More...


Duncan, Brandon

Brandon is a proud 2004 graduate of the University of Alabama where he worked with the Tide softball program. His coaching career includes college and professional stops. He is currently the assistant softball coach Read More...


Feigner, Anne Marie

(Tour: 1998- 2006)
25+ years organizing women's softball and ASA Jr. Olympic Chairman. The true Queen of Eddie's Court.


Feigner, Eddie Jr.

(Tour: 1965, 1978-1984, 1990-1991, 1998-1999)
J.R. gained valuable experience in handling all the varied situations that arise during the long tour by living and traveling with the King since childhood. His #6 is retired!


Fisher, Jason

(Tour 2006)
Talented athlete with a strong arm. Pitched two H.S. no-hitters and passed for a single game record of 339 yards in football.


Fittje, Russ

(Tour 2006, 2009)
Russ was a four sport all-star in High School and starting pitcher (4 years) at Hastings College. A talented ball fielder with quick feet.


Gorman, Scott

(Tour: 1995-1997)
Scott Gorman began his KHC career in 1995. "Traveling the country with Eddie, Rich and Gary was an amazing, life changing experience. Scott put on the red, white and blue for the first time in Winnemucca, Nevada is Read More...


Hale, Bob

(Tour: 1998-2005)
Involved in fastpitch for over 40 years as a pitcher, Bob was the first Fantasy Player for the Court and according to Eddie, earned a spot on the team. Spent time for 8 summers playing shortstop and first base with the Court.


Herrick, Jim

(Tour: 1965-1966 & 1969-1970)
A good catcher and hitter, famous for his belly slides, Jim developed into one of the most laugh provoking comedy stars on the Court. After two years in Vietnam, Jim returned to teach high school in Southern California.


Hoppe, Rich

(Tour: 1988, 1990-2011)
Rich pitched baseball, softball style, for the Phillies and was offered a contract. He devotes his time in the off season talking with gangs about the awareness of choice.


Horwitz, Jon

(Tour: 2007-2010)
Jon joined the King and His Court in 2007. He was an all-conference center fielder at UC Irvine where he posted a .388 batting average. He attended Notre Dame High School is Sherman Oaks, CA where he not only lettered in baseball but is the all-time career Read More...


Jackson, Al

(Tour: 1958-1980)
A basket ball star in school, Al started with the Cincinnati baseball farm system before joining the Court. This Super Star hit 94 homers in 1973. The original team's first replacement, Jackson also holds the Court record of over 400 consecutive times at bat without a strike-out. His #1 is retired.


Jones, Jerry

(Tour: 1949-1964)
Jerry joined Eddie in 1948. He could catch fly balls against the outfield fence after starting from the shortstop position. The fastest runner ever to play on the team, he could run the infield in less than nine seconds!


Kehrer, Bill

(Tour: 1962-1965 & 1970-1971)
Bill once hit a shot over the fence at the 386 foot mark in Columbus, Ohio. An extremely funny man on the field. Eddie encouraged him to try his hand at television comedy. Bill enjoys life with his wife and children at their home in Texas.


Knight, Jack

(Tour: 1981-1989, 1992-1997, 1999-2001)
Pitched for the Hollywood All Stars before joining the Court. Jack is an avid softball player. He has Read More...


Mackin, Tim

(Tour: 1984-1988)
Tim is one of the greatest fast fastpitch hitters of all time. He holds the Court record for one season of 321 home runs in 220 games.


McGill, Wayne

(Tour: 1966-1967)
Wayne hit well against the King during a game in Orlando, FL. and was invited to join the team when Bill Kehrer had to return home. A master Read More...


Moore, Glen

(Tour: 1991)
Glen was the best pitcher for his age in the U.S. He coached for Baylor University in Waco, TX.


Potts, Doug

(Tour: 1968 & 1983)
Doug played Short Stop on the Court for one season and left to pursue his own Insurance Agency in California.


Van Prooyen, Craig

(Tour: 1989)
Craig pitched in Six National and one World tournament. He pitched relief for the King one season.


West, Gary

(Tour: 1969-1977, 1981-1985, 1989-1996)
Gary was the funniest Sports Comedian on the circuit.