"Get Involved - be a part of history"

Dear King & His Court Supporter,

The King & His Court are without a doubt America’s best untold story. An organization spanning more than 65 years, traveling and barnstorming the globe – numerous times and achieving records that will most likely never be met or beat – in any sport, at any time. To date the countless stories, experiences, memories and memorabilia from players, fans and those surrounding the King & His Courts globetrotting years have not been historically compiled, documented or preserved. As the years pass, the experiences and memories from an ever aging generation continue to fade and are lost. The time to gather and historically preserve these memories, stories, experiences and memorabilia has reached a critical point.

To help fulfill the promise to our founder, the late Eddie Feigner, we have established the King & His Court Preservation Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax exempt public charity to spearhead a global barnstorming campaign focused on gathering and historically documenting the stories, tales, memories, experiences and memorabilia surrounding the more than 65 years of the King & His Court. Our focus is to gather and document for historical preservation the records, stories and memorabilia from fans, spectators, past players, media and family members who personally experienced or who were impacted in some manner by the King & His Court and Eddie Feigner.

We are currently staging our barnstorming campaign, which will last between 12 and 18 months. As we progress through the barnstorming campaign, and as we collect fan, past player and celebrity stories, pictures and memorabilia we will launch the process of historically recording all, which will include the development of a King & His Court historical book, created from the fans, past players and celebrity’s perspective.

Upon completion of the barnstorming campaign we will launch the construction of the King & His Court Museum in SE Washington State, where our founder, the late Eddie Feigner and the King & His Court started in 1946, and ended with our final game in 2011. The King & His Court Museum will include much of the memorabilia, pictures, stories and keepsakes collected during the barnstorming tour, as well as interactive exhibits, displays and a walk of fame with bricks from fans, supporters, past players and celebrities. Our long-range plans include the production of a documentary and through the ongoing guidance of our advisory board we will also pursue avenues for a movie or mini-series.

At this time we have now opened up opportunities to get involved, donate and support our preservation campaign and purchase King & His Court swag. We welcome your individual and corporate involvement and support and we look forward to including you as we barnstorm for history – one more time!