The Next Chapter

For over 65 years the King & His Court and Eddie Feigner were recognized as America’s #1 Softball team. By displaying the pinnacle of softball talent and athletic achievement they were known as the “King of Softball” where they recorded multiple global milestones and countless industry records, never to be duplicated.

Now it’s’ our turn to recognize and thank those who have achieved softball greatness and who have given unselfishly to the sport of softball. As we open the next chapter of the King & His Court, we will continue barnstorming the globe in recognition and support for the sport of softball through the induction of individuals chosen to receive the King & His Court Legacy Achievement Award.

When the best team to play the game of softball intersects with the best who have given unselfishly to the sport of softball, and to those who have achieved the pinnacle of athletic success within the sport of softball, greatness is realized and recognized at a level matched only by the Kings of Softball.

65 Years

4,100,000 Miles

104 Countries

20,800,000 Fans

9,743 Victories

4,405 Cities

930 No – Hitters

238 Perfect Games

20,800,000 Fans

141,517 StrikeOuts

The King & His Court Legacy Achievement Award is the ultimate award of appreciation and recognition within the sport of softball. Legacy Award candidates are considered annually based on their athletic achievements within the sport of softball, and their dedication and commitment to the sport of softball.

The two key fundamental pillars which led to the King & His Courts legacy status as the King of Softball, and which brought the King & His Court worldwide recognition and appreciation.

Through the King & His Courts Legacy Giving Pledge, each Legacy Award recipient will be honored and recognized by furthering their legacy within the sport of softball. A commitment that is carried forward from the 65 years of the King & His Court’s tireless dedication to impacting and inspiring individuals both young and old in towns and communities around the globe.

Legacy Achievement
Award Recipients

We are proud to announce the following individuals as King & His Court  Legacy Achievement Award recipients, an honor bestowed to only those who have achieved and inspired softball greatness and dedication.

Charlie Dobbins, 2024 Award Recipient


Charlie Dobbins was the longest serving coach at William Peace University, In Raleigh, North Carolina, with 25 years and over 500 wins for the program. He grew the Division III college program from the ground up, not only by winning games and developing players, but by building a place where players wanted to come and play because of his passion for the game. He resonates the foundational pillars behind the King & His Courts Legacy Achievement Award as an individual who poured his time, money, sweat, tears, and love into building a field, and a successful college softball program, that earned the respect and recognition throughout college softball.